MediaTek 4G platform VS Qualcomm’s

For domestic market, after 4G licenses issuing six months, MediaTek finally grab early in the third quarter, released its first MediaTek 4G platform Octa-core single-chip solution MT6595, as well as for mid-4G markets MT6752 and the entry-level market MT6732, formed a 4G LTE network for a comprehensive coverage of the full market.

For MediaTek, this is after acquiring 60 percent market share in China, launched the most central areas of the high-pass strategy battle. Language change in the situation while the domestic mobile phone makers, with the support MediaTek, Qualcomm bargaining power with 4G chips will enhance the market will again speed up restructuring and reshuffle.

During the marketing manager of ulefone met with the general manager of MediaTek Xie Qingjiang, general manager of MediaTek Wireless Division Zhu Shangzu, as well as a number of solution providers of high-level cooperation, the following are the main points of the trend:

MediaTek 4G platform focus on MT6595, what purpose?

1,4G make up the lag of 2G period. In the 2G era, the idea of ​​”turnkey” point the phone one-stop solution, MediaTek in 2009 once the monopoly of the domestic market share of 90% GSM chip shipments leapfrogged Qualcomm, the world’s largest mobile phone chip maker. But in the early 3G, indulging in market share MediaTek did not timely upgrading and restructuring, resulting in its “winter” period after 2010 years ago. After two years on restructuring, the domestic 3G MediaTek surpass Qualcomm again, but the Qualcomm has focused on the 4G market. In the early 3G MediaTek suffered the pain of transition, the rush to 4G “catch-up”, and MT6595 become 4G transition against Qualcomm’s iconic products.

2, Improve brands impression. Cottage MediaTek mobile phone has helped to move rapidly to the global market, but the resulting “cottage impression” over the years so that MediaTek lingering. To improve the image, MediaTek April this year raised Everyday Genius (create endless possibilities) new brand concept, but really give the brand a premium upgrade but still rely on a good product. MediaTek 4G platform MT6595 supports 2K and 4K resolution screen capture, support for H.265 Ultra-HD video hardware codec, support for domestic operators require 5-mode, multi-frequency chips and other high-end products have the features, MediaTek executives are deliberately used the press conference a lot of time to explain the purpose is very clear.

3, improve margins. With the domestic 3G market is rapidly dropping prices, MediaTek’s gross margin has been affected, said Xie Qingjiang, MediaTek is currently at about 35% gross profit margin, being released with 4G products listed, gross margin target will rise to more than 45%.

4 market share. Industry data show that in 2013, MediaTek mobile phone chip market share in the domestic record of over 60%, while Qualcomm is only about 22%. But with the operators 4G terminal sales volume this year, quickly, Qualcomm market share began to significantly increase, MediaTek must use the fastest time to curb the upward trend, but Qualcomm, especially the low-end market penetration MediaTek couplet.

Ulefone senior and solution providers have to see how?

MediaTek launch 4G chip for the entire domestic industry are positive, it will greatly enhance the domestic mobile phone manufacturers and operators of the popularity of 4G speeds, for the purposes of the challenge to increase the high pass. MediaTek MT6595 is expected to ship in September, will be massive bang, and ulefone’s first MT6595 phone will be listed in mid-August. For small and medium domestic mobile phone brands, Xiaomi, coolpad, etc,which research and development capacity is relatively weak in domestic ,their mobile phone brand has not yet to launch 4G products. MediaTek launch 4G chipset off speed or “too late”, is the key point.

From the above it is clear that the direction MT6595 MediaTek in the transition to high-end, MediaTek 4G platform finally make up an important part of the product line and began to exert a variety of products and shipping. Compared to the current MediaTek and Qualcomm, except for EVDO standard product line, has been basically on the same level, and the time gap between MediaTek and Qualcomm products has been reduced to just half a year. Many niche manufacturers also accustomed to working with Qualcomm to form brand premium products, but the current market, the user experience is more important than doing the platform of choice.

The niche factories choose Qaulcomm 4G platform, one important reason is that MT6595 is not a 64 processors, and compare to Qualcomm 64 five-mode 4G chip platform 8939 is also a lack of price advantage.By the way, MT6595 MediaTek can be seen as a new 4G emergency, because before the platform also needs to plug 4G Modem. But obvious the advantage is that the MediaTek solution more easily accepted by the SME platform more stable performance, lower threshold, so 4G will accelerate the rapid transformation of the domestic and international terminal market.

Ulefone chose the MediaTek 4G platform that for high-end users only, generally difficult to get support and development if player is a small company, terminal manufacturers if not high-end models will use the basic released next MediaTek MT6752, MT6732 and other platforms, her e we go,we got a idea, MediaTek was making significantly faster development and iteration in past two years.

Qualcomm 4G pressure surge a lot.

MediaTek general manager Xie Qingjiang said at the press conference, MediaTek target of 15 million units shipped during 4G chip, it now appears to reach targets have been no problem. MediaTek plans to achieve by 2015 the proportion of 4G chip shipments reached double digits, the target for 2 years continent 4G chip shipments over a high pass.

Mobile China League Secretary-General believes that the plans Xie Qingjiang expression is still “too conservative”. With the fourth quarter of the market for mid-4G 4G MT6752 and entry-level market, MT6732, the overall domestic price segment 4G phones will quickly dropping to less than $ 400, but this is the main domestic detonated crowd of 4G, Qualcomm in 4G challenge received, is just beginning.

From a manufacture side, MediaTek need to take care of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, to avoid price war.

Compare to Qualcomm, MediaTek major advantage is price and service, but in turn, between the domestic mobile phone manufacturers frequently on the price war, especially against MediaTek new platform, MediaTek would trying to transition to a high-end platform damage, this is making no sense.

As previously released two MediaTek MT6589 platform blockbuster and MT6592, both targeted at more than $245, said the high-end mobile phones are released. But the former is less than two months drop to $130 by RedMI, second platform which was killed to $160 bottom level within a month by coolpad, and even lead to the association, and the glory, ulefone, TCL and other mobile phone companies such as eight new nuclear thousand phone for war.

But for the often “riding the line” of the domestic mobile phone enterprises, MediaTek apparent is figuring out how to solve lack of price control measures and determination. MediaTek general manager Xie Qingjiang said MediaTek products and operations will not effect strategic partners to interfere too much, but as the product of iterations to speed up, the price decline is a trend.

Overall, MT6595, MT6752 and MT6732 release, making MediaTek 4G LTE network formed a high, full coverage, the end of the market. For Qualcomm, the pattern of a 4G chip battle has begun, its first 4G market position when “fall” will be the focus of the industry. As for the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, MediaTek incoming 4G, 4G terminal means lower threshold, 4G terminal price war is about to begin, a new outbreak of war imminent reshuffle among manufactures.